Lighting control for the modern world!

Casambi is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth wireless technology allowing you to control lighting via smartphone, tablets and even smart watches.


The Casambi network is a closed BLE network and local building networks cannot be accessed via the system or the app. Sharing settings allow you to lock down access with a password and any gateways use HTTPS communication process.  

More detail is available in the following file: 10 Points on Casambi Security

Client Benefits and Project Type

Benefits apply in workplace and community (health/aged care) type applications at a room level, or multi floor building level. I.e. a multi floor office fit out, teaching space, common area, smaller community or public buildings.  

  • General Benefits of Lighting control 
    Reduced energy use through automation, operation by building occupants (scenes) & controlling light for wellness.  
  • Reduced cost
    Through reduced wiring, controllers, cabling, complexity, commissioning, & installation labour. Faster delivery onsite
  • Improved Flexibility
    Without cables, Casambi is flexible during commissioning or future fine tuning.  Casambi networks can be created or changed simply within the app (unlike hardwired networks). Facility Managers or occupants can download their own app and have training on how to use it and tweak their own system (with the right permissions).

Availability in NZ

Energylight stock all of the Casambi modules in New Zealand plus other Casambi partner products like sensors and input modules. 

We have the expertise and resources to commission any Casambi project, big or small.

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