LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional and urban environments

Founded in 2006, Lumenpulse designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a wide range of high-performance and sustainable specification-grade LED lighting solutions for commercial, institutional, and urban environments.

Lumenpulse is a leading pure-play specification-grade LED lighting solutions provider and has earned many awards and recognitions, including several Product Innovation Awards (PIA), three Next Generation Luminaires Design Awards, a Red Dot Product Design Award and a Lightfair Innovation Award.

Explore the range of Lumenbeam, Lumencore and Lumenfacade products below, and be sure to contact our team if you would like to learn more.




Lumenpulse Lumenfacade

IP66 | IK07 | Facade or flood illumination | 2200 - 4000K | 14 optics | RGBW | Tunable white

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Lumenpulse Lumenfacade Inground

IP68 | IK10 | 2700K - 4000K, RGBW / TW | 14 Optics | Internal tilt | Size options

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Lumenpulse Lumencore

Round or square | 2200K - 4000K | 700lm - 4000lm | IP54/55 options


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Lumenpulse Lumenbeam

 IP66 | IK07 | 2200 - 4000K | 9 optics | RGBW / TW | Family of options

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