Outdoor lighting requires a unique balance of light levels, spill light and glare control to provide adequate safety, while still preserving the special nature of the outdoor environment. It requires landscape lighting designers to carefully consider light output, optical design, luminaire style and lifespan.

Energylight also has a proven track record of delivering major road lighting projects in the New Zealand market since 2007. We now have close to 30,000 luminaires on networks nationwide. We are dedicated to upholding our reputation in road lighting and providing high performance, reliable luminaires, future proofed for smart applications.

How are your road lights going to be serviced and supported in the future? Local councils and governments must take this into consideration when choosing a provider.

We represent specialist global manufacturers in area lighting, large area and architectural outdoor lighting.

Having assisted with many outdoor lighting projects across New Zealand, we can provide advice on best practice and appropriate products.

To assist in your lighting specifications, we have compiled our latest eBook on Public & Landscape.

Our latest copy discusses The Dark Sky initiative and how this is mitigating the genuine effect of light pollution on our ecology. We also cover topics including:

  • Visual Comfort
  • Light Pollution in New Zealand
  • Latest Innovations
  • Exemplar Applications of outdoor lighting in Aotearoa
Download your copy below.
Public and Landscape eBook

Public and Landscape eBook


Large Area and Industry eBook

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