A curated selection of suspended luminaires for various suspended design applications and aesthetics. 

NZ Made
Energylight Kepler Ring Pendant Lighting
Energyline Kepler

Ring Pendant | Made in NZ | Satin Diffuser | 120lm/W | 65mm

10 Year Warranty | IP4X 

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NZ Made
Energylight Heaphy Louvre Pendant Lighting
Energyline Heaphy

Louvre Pendant | Made in NZ | Darklight | 110lm/W | 75mm

10 Year Warranty | IP4X

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Energylight ERCO Atrium Pendant Lights v2
ERCO Atrium

>100lm/W | Darklight lens | Maximum visual comfort | For high spaces | Direct/indirect

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Energylight RZB Twindot Pendant Lighting
RZB Twindot

Low glare transparent Pendant | Ceiling wash indirect | 3000K / 4000K / TW | 6500lm - 8100lm | Casambi option

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Energylight RZB Triona Pendant Lights
RZB Triona

Round pendant | Direct/indirect light emission | 3000K / 4000K / TW | Casambi option

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Energylight XAL Ino Pendant Lights

Up to 18,100lm | Flood and wide flood options | CRI90 | 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

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