Energyline is our very own custom and configurable lighting systems, manufactured at our facility in Christchurch and shipped all over New Zealand. As part of the Energylight family Energyline powers our innovation in lighting, manufacturing, design, and software, leading the way hand in hand with Energylight since our inception in 2004. 

7 linear systems make up the Energyline family offering value for any linear lighting application. 

4 product values underpin product design and manufacturing:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Rapid Installation
  • Sustainability
  • No Bugs Inside 

Design Guides 

A published collection of design guides have been developed to help you get the most out of your Energyline.


              Custom Finishes                         Ceiling Wash                                 Wall Wash          




                 IK08                                               Mitres                                           IP54




    Maintained Emergency                         Casambi                                 Wall Grazer


           UGR Louvre                     Non-Maintained Emergency                     Double Wash 





Linear systems

Energyline 75

The most customisable | Most versatile | Highest efficacy | 75mm


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Energyline 55

Highly customisable | Smaller architectural detail | 55mm

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Energyline 108

Highly customisable | Large scale for high spaces | Low glare | 108mm

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Energyline Curvilinear

Functional light from standard or custom organic shapes | 65mm

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Energyline Linear

Value in straight-line applications | UGR19 microprism | 65mm


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Energyline Optics

Architectural lighting with linear form | Lens technology | 65mm

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Interior surface

Energyline Hollyford

Bathroom mirror light | Ambient and vertical illumination | 55mm

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Energyline Kepler

Ring Pendant | Made in NZ | Satin Diffuser | 120lm/W | 65mm

10 Year Warranty | IP4X 

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Energyline Heaphy

Louvre Pendant | Made in NZ | Darklight | 110lm/W | 75mm

10 Year Warranty | IP4X

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Energyline Milford

IP54 | Linear diffuse recessed | 1140mm / 1700mm | 10W - 15W | 3000K / 4000K | 75mm

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Exterior Robust

Energyline Robust

IP65 | IK08 | Architectural lines of light | 2.8m sections | Continuous via abutted joins | 75mm

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