Latest Education Directive 

Late 2023, the Ministry of Education announced a set of new directives aimed at reducing the cost of building school solutions. While the primary goal remains to build quality, durable schools that meet the present and future needs of students, the financial budget for new builds has been reduced. With this in mind, Energylight has introduced several measures to ensure new targets can be achieved without compromising the quality of solutions delivered.

Energylight product recommendations for NZ Schools

Key components of our solutions include:

Updated recommended product list for MOE projects: We have identified key attributes of product families that align with DQLS requirements and introduced new alternatives to this list.

These products are categorised into Tier 1 & Tier 2,  

Tier 1 solutions offer superior durability and light quality that allows for design optimisation, and

Tier 2 offers more cost-effective options that are compliant and simple to implement.

Repeatable Solutions: Energyline NZ–made troffers are proven solutions for teaching spaces that require a good level of illuminance and UGR compliance. These key product lines are tried and tested solutions that are easily repeatable with performance verification backed up by computer-aided calculations.

Achieve better value by delivering projects on time: We understand the speed of delivery is a key component to ensure project success. Being NZ-made at our factory in Christchurch, our key product offerings are locally delivered with shorter lead times, saving costs on international shipping and would in turn aid the Ministry’s carbon reduction initiatives.

Design Approach: At Energylight we enhance the wellness of students and teachers by embracing the full intent of the MOE guideline. Promote visual comfort through the appropriate use of luminaires.  Optimize design to light where needed and minimize cost through better design application.


Lighting in education plays a vital role in connecting students with their discipline. Correct lighting can enhance the learning environment and also aid in the concentration ability and performance of students academically. 

Sustainability and longevity of commercial lighting applications is crucial in many education projects. 

The continued effect of light on people both from a visual and physiological standpoint continues to be a critical factor when lighting is specified for projects involving children (especially impressionable young children). Scientific research, understanding circadian rhythm, and how children learn from their environment are core to this approach. 

Energylight has been responsible for supplying much of its product suite, which is suited for education projects across New Zealand. Below are some case studies we would like to share. 



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