High-quality lighting systems for public spaces

ewo creates high-quality lighting systems for public spaces. At the main facility of this family-run business, headquartered in Italy, products are developed which bring light to a variety of different settings: streets, squares and buildings; walking trails, urban gathering points and airports.

A modular LED unit forms the basis for our sustainable and energy-saving lighting scenarios, irrespective of scale. The company’s progressive technology, differentiated know-how and creative openness has made it a trendsetter for the sector. Even in the most challenging of settings, ewo provides custom-tailored solutions for distributing, limiting and controlling light – solutions that have become a quality feature in the design of public spaces.

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Light guides your way - ewo - Youtube

One month Artist residency partnership of ewo and belgian artist Brecht Heytens - ewo - youtube

Download ewo large area lighting - airport, port, high mast

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News May 2022

Discover ewo light layers - Light layers accessory available for ewo luminaires provide options to control unwanted spill light with a backlight shield reducing backlight by 65% or anti-glare shield reducing high angle luminance. Available now in the ewo product configurator.

Discover ewo Extreme Corrosion Protection - ewo ECP providing the choice to use a higher level of fixture protection for coastal applications. Available now in the ewo product configurator.

Discover ewo dynamic light distributions - multiple lighting scenes possible from a single luminaire for protection of ecology, reduction of energy or a branding statement. Available now in the ewo product configurator.


ewo ID

IP67 | IK10 | Handrail recessed | 1, 2, 4 LED | Maximum spacing for optimal design | 2200K - 4000K

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Wall lights

ewo FA100-W

IP66 | IK09 | 2200K - 4000K | High outputs | 8 Optics | Tunable white | RGBW | Light layer accessories 


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ewo GO

IP66 | IK08 | 2200K - 4000K | 5 Optics | Light layer accessories | 900lm - 3,500lm

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Area lighting

ewo F-System

IP66 | 10 Optics | PC Amber, 2200K - 4000K, RGBW / TW | Light layer accessories | Lens Combinations

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ewo GO

IP66 | 5 Optics | PC Amber, 2200K - 4000K | Light layer accessories | 900lm - 3,500lm

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ewo FA

IP66 | IK09 | 6 optics | Amber, 2200K - 4000K | Zero upward light | Wide spacing 


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ewo Chameleon

IP66 | IK08 | 2200K - 4000K | Integral / remote driver | RGBW / TW | 15 Optics | Flexible design with accessories | Gobo Option

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ewo IN

IP68 | IK10 | 2200K - 4000K, RGBW / TW | 10 Optics | Lens combination | Size options

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