New Zealand made

Energylight fixtures are a combination of our New Zealand made or partner products selected for the New Zealand market.

The latest addition Vifo brings high visual comfort with architectural aesthetic using a micro prism optic and smooth luminance transition to the ceiling. Perfect for use in modern architectural offices.

The new Viline offers a continuous appearance of linear light recessed end to end in a T-rail ceiling. Ideal for modern offices, corridors, healthcare or educational facilities.


Supporting Locally Made Products


We believe sustainability starts with products that are built to last, create real value and change the lives of those who use them.

Sustainable products reduce waste and provide synergy with our economy, environment and society.

Our 10 year warranty serves as a promise that our NZ made products are free from defects in materials and workmanship.


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Energylight VIFO 600

IP4X • UGR19 • CRI95 • COI<3.0 • Microprism

2600lm, 2900lm, 3300lm

Sizes 600x600

10 Year Warranty

TM65 600x600 

Energylight VILINE 100

IP4X • CRI95 • COI<3.0 • Microprism

1100lm, 1300lm, 1800lm, 2700lm

Sizes 100x1200, 600x100 (150/200 on request)

10 Year Warranty

TM65 100x1200          TM65 100x600

Energylight EVALA 300

IP5X • UGR19 • CRI95 • COI<3.0 • Microprism

2600lm, 3000lm, 3300lm, 5000lm

Sizes 1200x300, 600x300

10 Year Warranty

TM65 300x1200          TM65 300x600

Energylight EVALA 600

IP5X • UGR19 • CRI95 • COI<3.0 • Microprism

2600lm, 3000lm, 3300lm, 5000lm

Sizes 600x600

10 Year Warranty

TM65 600x600

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