New Zealand made

Energylight fixtures are a combination of our New Zealand made or partner products selected for the New Zealand market.

The latest addition Vifo brings high visual comfort with architectural aesthetic using a micro prism optic and smooth luminance transition to the ceiling. Perfect for use in modern architectural offices.

The new Viline offers a continuous appearance of linear light recessed end to end in a T-rail ceiling. Ideal for modern offices, corridors, healthcare or educational facilities.

Energylight VIFO 600

LED • IP4X • 4000K • UGR19 • White 

• 10 Year Warranty

Multi Lumen 2600lm, 2900lm, 3300lm
Sizes • 600x600 

Energylight VILINE

LED • IP4X • 4000K • White
Sizes: 1200x100 • 600x100 • 1200x150 • 600x150 • 1200x200 • 600x200 

• 10 Year Warranty

Energylight EVALA 300

LED • IP50 • 4000K • UGR19 • White
Sizes: 1200x300 • 600x300

• 10 Year Warranty

Energylight EVALA 600

LED • IP50 • 4000K • UGR19 • White
Sizes: 600x600

• 10 Year Warranty

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