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A well-lit space impacts the people who use the environment every day, from emotional wellbeing, comfort and health to productivity. At Energylight we’re passionate about working with our clients to bring effective commercial lighting solutions to life around New Zealand.

With over 15 years of experience under our belt, our skilled team of experts bring the latest lighting know-how to ensure your project’s lighting needs are satisfied. We partner with a range of high quality international lighting brands alongside our locally manufactured products to give a range of solutions for every indoor/outdoor setting.

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Humans Need Circadian Lighting

For millennia, the 24hr cycle of the sun was the only light we had. As a result, we evolved to rely on the sun's signal to set our circadian rhythm.

This regulates our sleep-wake cycles, metabolism, hormone production and other physiological processes critical to human health.

In modern society, where people often spend long hours indoors during the day and night, our relationship with natural light is broken.

Daytime artificial lighting is too biologically dim for our brains to get a proper daylight signal. This is coupled with artificial light at night, which is too biologically bright to signal our brains to prepare for sleep.

This creates a misalignment, and the result has been termed social jetlag.

The time to fix this issue is now.

What is Circadian Lighting?
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Design and innovation led

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, partnering with engineers and architects to find solutions that balance both form and function for best results. With in-depth knowledge and experience across both manufacturing and lighting design, we’ll help you make the right decision for your project.

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Energyline Curvilinear

Energyline Curvilinear



Our primitive roots in nature were influenced by organic shapes.
This continued fascination can now be delivered in curvilinear lighting.

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NEW Energyline Products

Simple to specify and easy to deliver, Energline offers a range of standardised luminaires for commercial applications.

Energyline products are built with the same design and manufacturing values as all Energyline systems.

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