A curated selection of recessed luminaires designed to elevate a perimeter space with superior technical performance, versatile functionality, adjustable features, and sleek aesthetics that seamlessly blend into a building element, creating a clean and modern look.

ERCO Quintessence

IP65 | Darklight lens | Maximum visual comfort | 5 Optics | Casambi option

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LFGX5385E v3
Energyline Milford

IP54 | Linear diffuse recessed | 1140mm / 1700mm | 10W - 15W | 3000K / 4000K | 75mm

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RZB Ledona Round Mini Recessed Downlight
RZB Ledona

IP65 | 3 Optics | Round or square | Ball impact | Multi lumen | 3000K / 4000K | CRI80/90

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AT M30 photos for website7 v2
ewo ID

IP67 | IK10 | Handrail recessed | 1, 2, 4 LED | Maximum spacing for optimal design | 2200K - 4000K

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contact cta strip lights v2
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