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A dynamic addition to the growing Christchurch cityscape, the BNZ Centre facade presents a dramatic but tasteful use of colour, providing an illuminated scenic element.

The interior works of Cashel Square and the BNZ fitout were a result of collaboration between the design teams for each project. Complex shapes of Energyline bring interest and intrigue to functional areas throughout the building.

The facade is illuminated using the Lumen Facade interior RGBW fixtures installed behind a diffuse material using a 'light box' to create a uniform appearance to Cashel St. The DMX control allows individual control over each section. Permitting complex colour sequences and static blue is in keeping with the corporate identity of BNZ.

Project Details


July 2017




Jasmax & Sheppard & Rout


BECA Christchurch


Lumenpulse Lumenfacade
Lumenpulse Lumencue

Services offered

Facade lighting controls design and implementation

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