Cashmere High School's new performing arts centre features a unique mix of brands that we carry, including our locally made Evala troffers in classroom and work spaces, as well as the eyecatching Energyline 75S in the foyer.

ERCO Compact Wall Washers line the hallway, while recessed Skim luminaires have been used in the stairwell. The hanging dinosaur sculpture is accented using the Exenia Pluriel Plus fitting in a matte white finish to match the wall.

The impressive new auditorium uses ERCO Gimbal fittings with snoots for precise lighting. Helvar has been installed throughout the entire project, allowing for simple lighting control. Outside of the building, ERCO Compact Oval Flood Exterior fittings beautifully illuminate the space with 3000k warm white light. 


Energylight Evala 

Energyline 75S

ERCO Compact Wall Wash, Compact Oval Flood Interior and Exterior, Gimbal with Snoot, Skim

Exenia Pluriel Plus

Helvar lighting controls






Athfield Architects



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