Achieving visual comfort in a learning space

The qualitative lighting design of the Central Lecture space responds to human perception, facilitating concentrated work while meeting the relevant standards.

As 80% of human visual perception is based on vertical surfaces, the walls are uniformly illuminated using ERCO Wallwashers. The task surfaces are illuminated using ERCO SKIM general downlights, requiring only a minimal amount of luminaires with optimal glare control. Use of ERCO Starpoint recessed Oval Flood provides efficient egress lighting to the stair cases. Finally ERCO Parscan on monopoint singlets provide adequate illuminance to the lecture stage area.

Combining these three layers of light, ambient luminescence via wall washing, accentuation of the task via downlights and highlighting of the presenter via spotlights reduces brightness contrasts, thereby minimising the strain on the eyes. Good visual comfort requires precise, glare-free light.

This project was recognised with a Lighting Design Award of Commendation at the 2017 IES Lighting Awards.


February 2017







Products used

Compact LED Wall Washers
Quintessence Wall Washers
Starpoint Adjustable Oval Flood
Parscan Spotlights
Energyline 75S

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