Harley Gray Laboratories is a separate building within Auckland’s Middlemore Hospital. The medical laboratory at Middlemore Hospital consists of two main zones: a Physical Containment Level 2 (PC2) clinical laboratory, and a staff support area. The PC2 lab is at the forefront of diagnostic technology providing faster and more predictable turnaround times for laboratory results to the doctors and nurses treating the patients.



First and foremost, it was important for all involved to remember that the work which is undertaken in these departments may be behind the scenes, but it is vital to the quality of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, it was critical that all facets of this project were met from a clinical functional form. For Energylight, that meant hospital-grade, dust-proof, germ-proof laboratory lighting that would cater for the exceptional research being conducted in the labs and withstand the harsh environment whilst being ergonomic for the researchers.



Creative use of Energyline 108R and 75S provides integrated, functional, and efficient lighting for this fantastic facility at Middlemore Hospital. Comfortable, uniform ceiling illumination is achieved with ERCO Lightscan ceiling washlights.



The laboratory is extensively serviced with uninterrupted power supplies, specialist laboratory gases, a dedicated water purification system, smart lighting, and a substantial HVAC system.


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Energyline 108R
Energyline 75S custom tasklights
ERCO Lightscan ceiling washlights


100 Hospital Road, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland 2025


Klein Architects



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