A perfect workspace application of the Language of Light principles

A beautifully crafted office interior for the law firm Harmos Horton Lusk, located in Auckland CBD's prestigious Vero Centre.  Uniform task lighting throughout the open plan office is achieved by Energyline 55S between timber battens and the addition of ERCO Compar wall washers ensures uniform vertical illumination which adds a high brightness perception to the space. 


The key client engagement spaces (boardroom, meeting, lobby and cafe) all apply the "Language of Light" and apply Ambient, Accent and Scenic techniques to the interior architecture, paying particular attention to wall washing for significant art collection.  Again ERCO Compar has been selected due to its minimal and discreet appearance, resulting in high visual comfort and perfect light quality.   


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Project Details


January 2019




Warren & Mahoney





Brands used

ERCO, Energyline & Lumenalpha

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