"A flagship Holiday Inn hotel and adventure hub for South Island exploration.

Nestled in the landscape, Holiday Inn Queenstown Remarkables Park, designed by Plus Architecture, consists of 182 hotel suites across five storeys set within moments of the shores of the South Island’s Lake Wakatipu, set against the dramatic Southern Alps.

Plus Architecture has delivered a contemporary and timeless 4-star hotel - the first in the area, in line with IHG's international operations and sustainability requirements. The hotel comprises an all-day dining and bar venue, large meeting facilities, and a fitness centre for guests with ground floor shared lounge and retail opportunities."

- by Plus Architecture


The Holiday Inn Remarkables Park Queenstown is a renowned luxury hotel nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Queenstown, New Zealand. Recognizing the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency and providing an exceptional guest experience, the new Holiday Inn provides the perfect home for the adventurers of the south. 



Lighting across various areas of the hotel affected the guest experience and comfort. Lighting choices can set the tone for the experience in the lobby, create a pathway while moving to your room, and help you wind down in the social spaces from your long day of adventures.



Luminaires were strategically placed to minimise visual noise and glare. High-quality luminaires and detailed design are required to achieve this. Using ERCO track with Parscan Wall Washers, ENERGYLINE Extrusion, ENERGYLIGHT Troffers, XAL downlights and RZB Track Spots, the outcome is a comfortable and enjoyable space for both guests and staff.



The Holiday Inn Remarkables Park Queenstown underscores how advanced lighting solutions can contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability and enhance the guest experience.



This is what people are saying about it:

"The first word that comes to mind is comfort. From the look and feel of the foyer to the layout of the restaurant and bar, the whole space blends together perfectly, like one big living room. As I arrived, some people were playing board games in the lounge by the reception area while a couple enjoyed a quiet afternoon drink at the bar." - NZ Herald.


"The contract for the building was negotiated on an open-book basis. Communication between all parties was open and constructive, enabling swift decisions to be made to maximise productivity on site. We took care to ensure that long-lead items were let early, providing certainty so our specialist subcontractors could order their materials and get underway. This was of particular benefit with the extensive curtain walling package.

We handed the rooms over defect-free before practical completion and completed the entire project to the highest quality standards and on the programme despite all the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic."Naylor Love.


"Designed with floor-to-ceiling glass, a reflection of Queenstown’s natural beauty continues indoors with organic textures throughout. Timber finishes and natural stone combined with shades of forest green and iron ore provide a sense of connection to the landscape and serene calm." - Hospitality Business.


Plus Architecture





- Parscan Wall Washers
- 3-circuit track
- Step lights



- Mino pendants
- Karo downlights

- Deecos Track Spots
- Less is More

- Lia Pendants
- Tobs



LUMENPULSE Lumenfacade Nano




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