The Invercargill Central development is the culmination of the revitalisation project of the Invercargill CBD retail precinct.  The redevelopment breathes life back into Invercargill’s CBD with a large hub centred around food, hospitality, entertainment, and retail. As regional New Zealand suffered from COVID-19, Invercargill Central has become a catalyst for growth, revitalising the region after the challenging impacts of the pandemic. Please note that this case study is for the façade lighting only. 



Bordering almost two entire city blocks the Invercargill central development offered the unique opportunity to transform the tired and rundown streetscapes.  Resource consent conditions required the Southland Times, Cambridge Arcade and Coxhead building heritage facades to be retained and incorporated into the new development.  Complementing the mix of heritage and contemporary façades, the architect and client wanted to create a dynamic lighting display on the extensive Tay Street façade with the ultimate goal of creating a ‘southern lights’ effect across much of this façade.   

One of the main challenges was to provide unique lighting solutions for each architectural façade as the Southland Times, Cambridge, and Coxhead buildings on Esk Street were intended to be the standout features. In addition to the façades, it was important to ensure the window displays of various retailers remained prominent. 



They successfully implemented a cutting-edge lighting solution by utilizing AGi modelling and conducting meticulous on-site testing with the manufacturers. It was decided that all façade lighting, aside from the 'Southern Lights' facade, would have fixed colour temperature output at a warmer-toned 3000K. 

Lumenfacade Nano luminaires with a 10 x 90-degree beam angle have been strategically placed along the windows of the Southland Times façade, effectively illuminating and accentuating the intricate reveal and cornice details. This installation not only enhances the architectural features but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic. In addition, micro extrusion has been incorporated into the upper parapet, further contributing to the visual appeal of the building. Similarly, on the Cambridge Arcade facade, Lumenfacade luminaires with the same beam angle have been utilised to highlight the building name, creating a captivating focal point. To complement this illumination, ERCO Kona lighting fixtures have been employed, resulting in an impressive display. Additionally, the Coxhead facade has undergone a similar transformation, with Lumenfacade Nano luminaires illuminating the window area to emphasise the reveal and cornice details. Like the other installations, the addition of micro extrusion to the upper parapet adds a finishing touch to the architectural design. Overall, these lighting enhancements significantly enhance the visual appeal and architectural integrity of each respective façade.

Furthermore, they introduced an awe-inspiring dynamic element by incorporating RGB colour-changing lighting to the Kaynemaile feature using Lumenfacade luminaires with a 10 x 30 degree beam angle.  The team met with the client and electrical contractor early in the installation of these luminaires to verify the design parameters, confirm the positioning and test some initial colour settings. It was agreed that for the majority of the time, a very slow colour change would be the base scene running for 45-50 minutes, with the more dynamic Aurora effect playing for 10-15 minutes.  



In line with the city's image and identity, the lighting scheme was designed with the objective of highlighting the central street's distinct zones. The lighting result for the Invercargill Central development project not only fulfils functional requirements but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and vibrancy of the city's central street. The carefully selected fixtures, precise positioning, and adjustable controls ensure that the lighting design remains versatile and adaptable, highlighting both heritage and contemporary architecture and providing an enhanced experience for residents and visitors alike. 


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