A custom solution for a unique project

The James Hight Undercroft project called for a unique custom solution. The architect, Warren and Mahoney, designed lighting rigs, with a requirement for high quality LED fittings in AR111 format.

Working with the electrical engineer (BECA), Energylight helped design and manufacture the structures using Concept System extrusion with Energylight Gyro 1000 lumen, 2700K fittings.

The result was a custom luminaire which provides a light quality so high that it is indistinguishable from halogen. The illusion of “daylight wells” is achieved through the clever use of cool white T5 in the lighting rigs main spines. This effect is replicated by further use of Concept System extrusion recessed with timber fin details, creating a dramatic pattern on the highlighted stone walls.






Warren and Mahoney



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