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Located at 43 Godley Quay, Lyttelton, The LPC Dry Dock is the oldest of just two permanent Dry Docks in New Zealand. 

Opened on 3 January 1883, the Dry Dock is classified as a Category 1 Heritage Item within the Christchurch District Plan.

A series of changes and upgrades have been carried out over the Dry Dock’s 140+ year lifetime, including lighting and infrastructure upgrades and repairs following the Canterbury Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. Despite (or perhaps due to) these upgrades, the exterior lighting system in place at the Dry Dock did not reflect that of a modern facility, consisting of ageing sodium vapour, metal halide and LED. This resulted in a mix of colour temperatures and lux levels, with little glare control, spill light and upward light.



The newly designed system replaced all existing exterior lighting and poles, which allowed a number of key design decisions to be made, addressing the identified technical considerations.


One of the most key selections was that of correlated colour temperature (CCT), with 3000K selected for all exterior fittings throughout the Dry Dock. In the case of the Dry Dock specifically, the use of 3000K had several benefits, including minimising atmospheric scatter of the light, thereby reducing skyglow and protecting the dark sky, minimising the amount of light at the blue end of the spectrum to reduce the potential impact on wildlife, and better support for the natural circadian rhythms of workers and residents near the facility.

ewo R System GEN 3 R2 & R4 floodlight projectors

The R4 and R2 luminaires provided a range of specific optics and accessories, allowing the lighting to be customised for the specific requirements of the Dry Dock. The luminaires installed are all flat glass, zero-degree tilt with backlight shields where appropriate. This effectively controls glare and upward waste light, and assists in limiting spill light around the boundaries of the site.

Casambi wireless lighting controls

A Casambi, Bluetooth Low Energy mesh control system was installed for all exterior lighting. Wireless control was selected to provided simple installation and commissioning due to the reduced cabling requirements compared to a hard-wired control system, and to provide flexibility for changes in the future. Each fitting is individually addressed and dimmable, with select fittings also split and controllable left/right, allowing complete customisation of the scenes and therefore light in the space.



The Lyttelton Port Company Dry Dock Lighting Upgrade was a once-in-100-year opportunity to provide a thoughtful, sustainable and effective lighting solution to not just the Lyttelton Port Company, but also the community.

LPC now have a modern and flexible lighting system to see them into the future.


ewo R System GEN 3 R2 & R4 floodlight projectors


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