An award winning outdoor lighting solution

The Memorial Bridge design draws on the vertical power of the Southern Alps and the braided rivers unique to the Canterbury Plains. The design provides a dramatic gateway for travellers to and from Christchurch Airport and the bridge's structure is equally powerful from all points of view. 

To enhance the fluid form of the bridge, Lumenpulse Lumenbeam projectors graze the arching structure. Controlled, narrow beam optics ensure little to no spill light is created. This is particularly important due to the airport location and surrounding traffic flow. 

Combined with colour-changing capabilities the lighting brings to life the dynamic architectural form and the ability to adjust the bridges colours to celebrate seasonal holidays and events.

A multiple award winning lighting design with LDP Auckland recently being the recipient of Excellence and Dark Sky Awards.  

Project Details


Lumenpulse Lumenbeam






Lighting Design Partnership (LDP)


Millennium Electrical 

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