A beautiful application of the Language of Light

Located at Christchurch Airport, the new 4.5 star Novotel hotel spans across six floors, with 200 premium guest rooms, multiple conference rooms and a stunning restaurant and bar. 

The foyer immediately draws in guests, with ambient grazing using the ERCO LightGap. The ERCO Parscan provides accent lighting, highlighting furniture elements and indirectly lighting the timber ceiling. This has been executed by using ERCO Track infrastructure mounted to the transom beam around the perimeter glazing.

ERCO Quintessence and Compact downlights in warm white 3000K were then used throughout the reception and hallway areas for general lighting.

Locally made linear extrusion from Energyline has been used in conference rooms, offering both functionality and visual flair.

The exterior was lit using a mix of ERCO's Gecko Floodlight and Tesis in-ground, both in warm white 3000k. Oval flood distribution was utilized with the Tesis to contain spill light within the canopy overhang. The Gecko projectors are also in oval flood to to provide a linear distribution of perimeter light to the exterior ground, thus promoting a translucent facade glazing allowing visibility in and out without light reflections.

Project Details


ERCO Quintessence and Compact Downlights

ERCO Lightgap

ERCO Parscan

ERCO Gecko



November 2019




Warren & Mahoney


Pedersen Read

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