EAE Lighting

Professional interior lighting

EAE Lighting, founded in 1983, is a member of EAE Group, which is a leading manufacturer in the electromechanical industry. EAE is a large, privately owned manufacturer of electrical busbar and are a significant supplier to industrial manufacturing and logistics sectors. EAE Lighting specialises in professional interior lighting.

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Industrial & sports

EAE Revoled-X

LED • IP66 • 5000lm-45,000lm

MOE option CRI90 R9>50

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EAE Revoled-S Aisle Light

LED • 128W • IP65 • 4000K • 15,669lm • White
Product code: 3099177

EAE Revoled-S Evolution Lowbay

LED • 183W • IP65 • 4000K • 26,934lm 
Product code: 3159184

EAE Revoled-S Highbay Wide

LED • 142W • IP65 • 4000K • 21,061lm • White
Product code: 3113798

Surface & suspended

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