A seamless integration of functionality and architectural aesthetic


Burwood Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in Christchurch catering to the needs of the elderly, particularly for rehabilitation and elective orthopedic surgery.



The Burwood Hospital project was designed to ensure a sustainable healthcare service to meet the needs of the aging community in east Christchurch. Focus was placed on enhancing the patient experience, ultimately minimising recovery times and reducing repeat patients, whilst creating a warm inviting and visually appealing facility (through natural timber design, structured illumination, and local artist pieces in the hospital).



Working with our engineering client BECA, it was decided that Energyline 75S with surface mounting would be used to strike a statement with the natural timber used in key areas around the hospital. The architectural design of the facility by Jasmax draws on biophilic principles, integrating nature for human and environmental wellbeing to promote patient recovery.

The corridors are lit with a mixture of Energyline 75S surface mounted linear lights which create a bold statement against the wood panels with the black finish of the luminaire.  However, as you travel through the facility the robust, IP5X dustproof troffer Revalo provide maintenance free illumination for the long term in corridors, offices and connecting spaces is introduced to create purpose lighting in the remaining corridors.

Long life and glare-free luminaires are critical for corridors and lobby spaces due to the height and operating hours. The high efficacy of the Energyline 75S New Zealand made luminaires gives uniform illumination in the corridors and come with an IP50 dust protection, L90 lumen maintenance and long-life driver making this the perfect choice for this public facility.



The design by Jasmax and Energyline (NZ made) products commissioned for this job works hand-in-hand to connect warm tones and eliminate harshness for those visiting the hospital. Burwood Hospital stays true to Canterbury with a strong reference (in common areas) of local cultural art and practices. An example of this, is the large sculpture on a plinth in the centre of the reception area, carved by local Māori artist Riki Manuel.


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Project Details


Energyline 75

Energylight Revalo


June 2016


300 Burwood Road, Burwood, Christchurch 8083


Jasmax, Klein, Sheppard and Rout



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