The Glenn Innes to Tamaki Drive project is a significant infrastructure located in Auckland, New Zealand. The project involves the construction of stage two of a new shared pathway for cyclists and pedestrians. 


One of the project's main challenges was to provide lighting that would ensure the safety of users of the shared path while also being sensitive to the local environment. The shared path runs through a scenic coastal area, and it was important that the lighting did not disrupt the area's natural beauty while still being able to illuminate the 4.6m wide pathway and boardwalk sections for safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, the project had to comply with strict environmental regulations, including Dark Sky preservation and meet AS/NZS 1158 - PP3.


The solution proposed was to use the Ewo ID handrail luminaires because of the superior optics, heat dissipation, design lifetime, and delivery of safe lighting on the boardwalk without requiring any tilt. A customised mounting bracket and cover plate were designed to fix the luminaire into a wooden balustrade. The developed solution allows for easy maintenance if required. 

The solution was recognized for its innovative design and environmental sensitivity, winning the 2022 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Award of Merit. The project was commended for its innovative use of lighting to create a safe and enjoyable shared path experience and for its sensitive approach to the local environment.

The solution supplied helped shape the new shared pathway as a key infrastructure for the Auckland region. Resulting in a highly customised, fit-for-purpose lighting solution. The client was delighted with the result as it exceeded expectations, by maintaining a high level of visual comfort, spill light control and uniformity.


ewo ID Handrail System
ewo F-System XS
ewo IN-Series




Waka Kotahi - NZ Transport Agency
Auckland Transport




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