Spark Square, located in Christchurch city centre, is home to an array of tenanted businesses. Described as ‘the most sought-after office space in Christchurch, ’ it is not hard to see why. It accommodates 500 workers as Spark's new South Island headquarters. This case study looks at the penthouse office fitout within this building.



The focus was on flexibility, highlighting architectural details and creating a sense of professionalism and productivity with the architecturally designed penthouse site. Incorporated into the 606-square-metre space are large open-plan offices that need task light onto workstations, but a set up that allows for the flexibility of changing the lighting if desks are reconfigured. 



Every aspect of the lighting solution within this high-end corporate fitout places a strong emphasis on quality. 

The ambient layer of the space is achieved through vertical wall washing on the featured wooden panelling in the main boardroom, and open offices.

The accent layer of light is achieved through ERCO Jilly on track in the office space, which allows for future desk configuration flexibility.

Energyline Linear was also used in the open workspaces, strategically placed above some work desks to provide dedicated accent lighting for tasks.

The scenic element was the decorative pendant, which also doubles as an accent on the greenery within the space.

The layers of light within the reception, throughout the offices and in meeting rooms aid in revitalising the corporate space and providing a tranquil and calming feel to occupants.



Spark Square celebrated the collaboration between the design team, the architects, engineers, and lighting designers, which resulted in a level of excellence that is felt within the penthouse space. 


Erco Jilly

Erco Parscan

Erco Starpoint Pendant

Energyline Linear


Client's Inhouse Architects


Williams Corporation



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