In 2023, Christchurch's mental health services celebrated a significant milestone as staff entered the new Hillmorton SMHS (Specialist Mental Health Services) facility. This achievement marked the culmination of years of dedication to enhancing the healing environment at Hillmorton Mental Health Facilities.



Beca, Klein Architects, and Te Whatu Ora, Health New Zealand (Waitaha Canterbury), Hillmorton, embarked on an innovative journey to revolutionise mental health lighting with Energylight. The team developed a brief for a groundbreaking luminaire that met anti-ligature requirements and was packaged in an attractive housing that looks like it belongs in a contemporary apartment rather than a hospital.



Energylight and the design team partnered to manufacture Salvalux. Prototyping also took feedback from Melray Electrical, the contracted electricians, to provide valuable feedback on installation and maintenance. Salvalux, at its core, delivers an IK10+, anti-ligature luminaire with a high-output 3000K light engine. The scope also catered for a dedicated Amber circuit for observation without disrupting circadian entrainment. An RGB + White + Amber version was also allowed, which could be used in Hillmorton’s Sensory Room or 'Moon Room’. A testament to Hillmorton’s commitment to personalised and therapeutic environments.

Development through the project extended to small-format anti-ligature downlights and emergency luminaires, ensuring aesthetic consistency and the overall safety and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors.



The lighting upgrade yielded significant positive outcomes for Hillmorton Mental Health Facilities. Staff reported a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Hillmorton Mental Health Facilities continues to lead the way in advancing mental healthcare delivery and shaping the future of the field in Christchurch.

This has set the new standard in lighting for mental health facilities in New Zealand and abroad.




Erco Jilly

Erco Skim

Electrical Engineer





Te Whatu Ora, Health New Zealand



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