Posted on: 29 - 4 - 2022

Draft Standard for comment on Lighting Energy

Currently there is a draft standard out for public comment which addresses the lighting energy use in Non-residential buildings.

This is a companion standard to NZS:4243.2:2007 and seeks to update the now outdated measurement of W/m2 for energy use of lighting with a more comprehensive measurement called a Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) expressed as kWh/m2/Yr. Now with modern LED light fixtures and the increasing use of smart lighting controls technology like DALI and Bluetooth mesh, this standard provides a useful framework to calculate the benefits of these investments. 

The draft standard is based upon the ISO/CIE 20086:2019 with modifications for New Zealand.

The objective of it is to improve product lifecycles through reduced thermal load with smart lighting controls, reduce operational cost of energy for lighting users and reduce the amount of carbon offsets required to be purchased when companies are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

This standard also serves as a framework for MBIE's Building for climate change programme

and the Government policy objectives of the Zero Carbon Act 2019.

Questions raised for me is how the LENI value is mandated by the building code which appears to still reference NZS:4243.2:2007 with W/m2, perhaps this will change with the introduction of this standard, but it didn't appear clear to me.

NABERSNZ and Greenstar are two building assessment tools named in the draft standard as being able to benefit from this calculation method, however, how the LENI number is translated to points for these programs remains unclear. 

Get on and make a comment before the 5th of May!

James Duder

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