Posted on: 22 - 6 - 2023

Meet The Team: James

Name: James Duder

Role: CEO of Sales

How many years have you worked in the lighting industry: 13

The biggest misconception about lighting that you have heard is: 

When floodlights are installed outside pointing outwards at a high angle like the light is somehow affected by gravity? or it helps the project further? This is my bugbear... it makes glare - making it harder to see (the opposite of the intention), wastes energy and pollutes the environment. Yet it happens every day and the lighting industry has failed to solve it.

Why do you like working at Energylight: We are making a difference in peoples lives and we have fun while making it happen.

Best city you have travelled to and why:  Istanbul. The culture, the food, the bazaars (spell check), the parks the bosphrous the mashup of east and west.

Greatest achievement to date: Raising a family, while trying to maintain a work/life balance.

Guilty pleasure: Hunting! I love to get out on the hills, have some great yarns, spend time outdoors away from mobile phones, cities, cars and distractions. 




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