Posted on: 3 - 11 - 2021

The Final Chapter

The last installment in our special “Ode to Otto” craft beers....


James Duder’s little dachshund Otto, a loved member of the office, has lived on through EnergyLight’s unique portfolio of craft beers and custom tees.


It has been a pleasure collaborating with local Christchurch-based brewery Three Boys over the last three years to bring sketches (by Mark Jansen) and concepts to life!

The creative work of the sales and marketing team, with the design eye of Natasha from Delegate Marketing has allowed the successful delivery of three stand-out limited edition old dog beverages.


Check out the custom beers below, each with their own story and corresponding t-shirts.





Old Dog New Tricks
Release Date: 2019


For the last 15 years, we have been quietly beavering away at new tech and innovation like a Dachshund with a bone. To celebrate this milestone, we thought we could tell you about it....or brew a beer. We like beer, so now you get to enjoy this beer. Just make sure it's cold, nothing worse than a warm beer. 






Old Dog IPA
Release Date: 2020



Even before Energylight was started, our founders knew not all rules in business were made to be followed. So, as we grew older, they made a rule...No.6 break some rules.


Whatever you like to call it...sticking your neck out, non-conforming, or flipping the bird at the it and own it. So here's a beer that broke some rules, and cheers to some old dogs making new tricks. 




Release Date: 2021


Life is full of ups and downs, of good days and bad days. To have light, you need dark (see what I did there). Much like in life, sadly comes death. We brewed this beer to celebrate the life of (and commiserate the death of) our beloved "Old Dog". 

Whether you're saying goodbye to an old friend or making a new is a beer to enjoy along the way. 



Our final chapter Ghost Dog R.I.P.a is the latest in the collection. In keeping with the ghost theme, we decided to incorporate a cheeky glow in the dark factor which has proven to be quite an effective little touch. . . . Thanks to The Print Room for making this a reality.


Stay tuned for our next project...





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