Posted on: 21 - 2 - 2023

Media Release: Correction of Wellington Street Light Story

Media outlet Stuff published an article titled: “It's raining lamps: 15kg streetlights fall in Wellington with deadly force”. The story, dated February 10th, 2023, was written by Tom Hunt and subsequently re-published around the world. 

This article has incorrectly identified the LED street light/lamp as being at fault.

Energylight share the concerns Wellington City Council has for its people and has investigated the cause of the fallen LED street lights and determined there is a failure of an adjustable spigot adapter, a separate component unrelated to the LED street light.

The adjustable spigot adapter was not supplied, recommended or approved by Energylight.

The Wellington City Council Transport and Infrastructure team have confirmed in writing to Energylight: "the issue is not with the luminaire/LED light, but with the external spigot adaptor between the out-reach arm and light."

The Wellington City Council has published an article to clarify the situation.

For further inquiries on this matter, please get in touch with our spokesperson: Mike Geddis - +64 21 514 102


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