Posted on: 4 - 5 - 2022

Can we reverse the lighting brain drain?

Now with the current stage of the Global pandemic, New Zealands borders are opening up many kiwis or New Zealand residents will be looking overseas to further their career, gain experience, move 'home', or travel the world.

Over the past 2 days while in our biggest city I have had several conversations with people who have mentioned members of their teams who are leaving New Zealand shores either permanently or for 'a few years'. At the same time, I am hearing (and seeing first hand) people leaving our lighting industry. Hardworking, talented people leaving the lighting industry is really disappointing for me, but people leaving New Zealand for experience is something while difficult we must embrace, and encourage new hardworking, talented people to move to New Zealand.

Now at this point I will admit to being selfish in writing this blog, we are currently looking for sales manager in our Auckland office. I would love to recruit a talented, hardworking individual from overseas, or at the least encourage someone to join the lighting industry from elsewhere in NZ. The hiring process got me thinking about the bigger topic of the coming brain drain. I love living in New Zealand. I lived overseas for a few years in my 20's, it was a lot of fun and I gained alot of worldly experience I could bring home. But nowhere did I feel we have the same freedom to live life, explore, get outdoors, raise a family and at the same time learn, build a career, or build a business.

Sure we are some tiny islands at the bottom of the pacific, but they are very special little islands and we can achieve some great things on the world stage. Just look at the recent success of Peter Beck and Rocket lab who made history this week by catching a falling rocket with a helicopter.... and later this month they are sending a rocket to the moon. OK we are not all sending rockets to the moon..... but it proves here in NZ anything is possible and impacting peoples lives in a positive way happens every day. 

If you are someone interested in working in New Zealand or you know of someone overseas who wants to make an impact on peoples lives. This is a great place to live, work and play!

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James Duder

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