Posted on: 10 - 2 - 2023 by Praneel Lal-Beadnell

Ewo Chameleon: Master of Transformation

Ewo, known for its high-quality lighting systems for public spaces, has pioneered the latest in ingenious lighting - the ewo Chameleon


Empowering well-being outdoors, ewo Chameleon takes a leaf from nature and allows unparalleled adaptability in the form of a sophisticated, architecturally designed luminaire for the urban jungle. 


Teaming up with Berlin-based agency Geckeler Michels (known for their work with Nike and Nespresso), the concept of Chameleon was brought to fruition and is now customisable through a series of add-ons.



Meeting the needs of various surroundings, ewo Chameleon provides an elegant yet technically astute product. 


  • Thermally optimised heatsink and cooling ring create a chimney effect to keep electronic components cool in extreme climates.
  • Discrete fixing mechanism for external ewoLightlayers and transformer accessories
  • Monochrome - 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, CRI80+
  • Tuneable White
  • RGB-W
  • DALI T8 or DMX
  • Multiple optic options inc. Asymmetrical symmetrical and Roadway
  • Light layer accessories inc. Snoots and louvers to enhance visual comfort and glare control.
  • Remote and integral driver options
  • Transformation Accessories
  • Pole or surface mount options


  • Public realm
  • Roadway and Area Lighting                                                 
  • Colour and Architainment   
  • Wall mount 
  • Surface mount 
  • Pole mount 


Outdoor applications can now take advantage of ewo Chameleon. Contact Mike Geddis today to discuss placement opportunities. 


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