Posted on: 11 - 10 - 2023

What is Accu-Join?

Accu-Join is a unique joining system to speed up installation, guarantee light-tight joins for continuous uninterrupted light and maintain ingress protection. Developed entirely in-house by the Innovation team at Energyline. 


Fast Installation: Energyline with Accu-join is designed to speed up the installation of linear systems. The use of a battery drill and hex bit will bring together the mechanical and electrical join in a matter of seconds with minimal fuss.  


No Light Gaps:  Accu-Join will seamlessly bring together sections of an Energyline system to make sure they are fitted tightly to eliminate light-leak from joins and to ensure long continuous light. 


Ingress protection: Poor joins are a continuing issue for linear systems, they are poorly connected leaving gaps in diffusers for bugs and other contaminants to get in. Accu-join makes sure we maintain an IP5X protection for any length of Energyline keeping Energyline looking like new for years to come.   


IP5X: The Ingress Protection (IP) rating index is the measurement universally accepted to measure the IP of interior and exterior lights. The IP5X rating for Energline is given to highlight its protection from intrusion of dust that could cause the light harm. More about IP ratings here.


Watch the Accu-Join innovation via video below.   

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