Posted on: 11 - 8 - 2021

What is Accu-Join?

Accu-Join is a crucial component to the release of our latest lighting development Energyline 65 Generation 2 (Gen.2).

The philosophy behind the development of this superior component was the belief in creating no light gaps, fast and easy installation and with a minimum IP5X rating.


No Light Gaps: Accu-Join allows for fast, low-risk, easy installation from the outset. Straight clean lines are produced from the joins that are used for commercial installations in offices, corridors, and hallways. Accu-Join provides ingress protection from dust and bugs (IP rating) protecting the aesthetic and performance of the light fixture for the lifetime of its use. 


Installers who have worked with the new Energyline 65 Gen.2 have been impressed with time reduced to maintain such Energyline light fittings. Accu-join means that a simple screw feature allows for the straight-line connections to be maintained easily without difficulty.


Fast & Easy Installation: Energyline 65 Gen.2 is designed to survive the life of the installation – meaning that once it is place into a setting it will remain functional at day 5,000 just as it was at day 1. Factory finished in our facility in Christchurch, Energyline is shipped out after quality testing, and with instructions for electricians to install correctly and effortlessly. Support is always on hand with our New Zealand customer service team contactable via phone or email.


IP5X – The Ingress Protection (IP) rating index is the measurement universally accepted to measure the IP of interior and exterior lights. The IP5X rating for the Energyline 65 Gen.2 product is given to highlight its protection from intrusion of dust that could cause the light harm. 


Watch the Accu-Join innovation via video below.   

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