Posted on: 19 - 10 - 2020

Made in New Zealand... what does it mean?

A 3 minute article about stuff made right here in Aotearoa.

Recently while enjoying a quiet ale with an old friend of mine who is well known in the interior design industry, we discussed a project he was involved in. He mentioned some elements of the project which he designed specifically to suit the unique space and I asked without really thinking if they were manufactured offshore.

I am not sure why I defaulted to overseas manufacture, but like many of us I assumed so much manufacturing is done offshore it was the standard ‘go to’ in their industry.

His response was almost of surprise, as he then went on to correct my assumption saying no, it was all made here in New Zealand.

At the time, I thought about it deeply... of course it was made here, it's product which needs to stand the test of time, endure what New Zealanders will throw at it throughout the course of its lifetime and the client would want it to last for probably 15 years or longer.

It was also a product which is designed so it can be manufactured to suit the space it's going into and through its lifetime it will probably need to be repaired if it gets damaged. So it makes sense it's made here.

Now, I am extremely proud of our country, its manufacturing and its exports. But it saddens me when I think about some of our biggest companies competing in volume exports which are sold on a commodity basis, with small amounts of value added for those overseas customers.

So, when I think about all the talented people and clever businesses we have in New Zealand delivering great things for Kiwis, I do believe we can grow in the export markets which value brand & innovation. These companies could add so much value to our economy here in New Zealand.

But this is not a story about export - that’s a whole other ball game - but it certainly has its parallels.

Which brings me back to my point, what is it about stuff that’s made here in New Zealand, for New Zealanders?

Innovation, longevity, flexibility, reliability and the biggest buzzword of all… sustainability. Now, I could talk about sustainability for many, many words, but that’s another subject altogether.

These five things, are synonymous with good stuff made here in New Zealand. Not stuff cobbled together from some parts, but products where locally owned companies have invested in the design, people, manufacturing, technology and their local supply chain - so that they can continue to innovate and deliver better results for their clients and the country.

For us, these five things is what stuff which is made here means. And it's what drives and enables us to continue growing it, right here in New Zealand.

- James Duder
CEO of Sales, Energylight

Here’s a link so you can see the stuff we are making here in New Zealand.

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