Posted on: 2 - 11 - 2021

What Is BIOS Lighting?

The Pioneers in Human Centric Lighting

Biological lighting technology to promote healing through circadian entrainment

We share with you the BIOS story and how their innovative lighting technology has improved the lives of patients and staff at UC San Diego Health in the United States of America.

BIOS Lighting believes that everyone should have access to nutritional light. Synchronising our circadian rhythm to the 24 hour day requires a specialised approach to lighting that goes beyond the visual. Understanding how and when light affects us at a biological level is an emerging area of interest and BIOS strives to bring clarity, expertise and innovation to all projects.


Why BIOS for Human Centric Lighting? Circadian Lighting?


Circadian Rhythm & Humans

Circadian rhythms are cycles in the body that occur roughly across 24 hours. In humans, circadian rhythms cause physical and mental changes in the body, including feelings of wakefulness and sleep. However, several issues may alter these circadian rhythms, which could lead to sleep disruptions or other health issues.

  • What can disrupt your circadian rhythm?
  • irregularly-timed light can easily disrupt a normal circadian rhythm
  • The color of lights appears to disrupt circadian patterns
  • Unhealthful sleep habits (eg: consuming caffeine late, electronic devices)
  • People who travel between time zones frequently
  • People who work late shifts or work throughout the night may experience disruptions


Energylight brings New Zealand BIOS Technology.

Our team of certified circadian auditors are available to work with you on projects requiring human-centric lighting and complimenting biophilic design. Energylight is now offering a curated collection of BIOS circadian LED lighting solutions for your healthcare projects. The unique BIOS patented technology emits specific wavelengths of light to entrain your circadian rhythms as nature intended. This very same technology was originally developed to light up the International Space Station and promote circadian entrainment for astronauts.

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